Thursday, February 25, 2010

from last week

so, more on what happened last week.....
my brother was able to make his first trip to los angeles. twenty four hours after arriving, i surprised him with his first trip to las vegas. we got there at 3:30am, so i think i was too tired to take pictures. here are a few of pictures i took previously in vegas.....

i finally started taking pictures at jean philippe patisserie when we went to the bellagio........

the desserts were too attractive to not document.

we got a couple of mango sorbets.

we gambled a little and won a little.

when we got back to los angeles a few days later, and things were a little less eventful. we ate at doughboys, (as previously mentioned.)i had the beefy mac & cheese.

my brother, jason, had the sloppy joe.

crystal had the s.o.s.

ceyjay had a huge sandwich. i think it is called the monster?

we stopped into the shop where LA ink films, high voltage tattoo. jason got a t-shirt.

we ate at the cheesecake factory and split this salad with bacon dressing

and these garlic rolls with fontina inside. you dip them in that marinara sauce.

we got to sit outside and people watch.

we went to the beach a little north of malibu.

and we ate at neptune's net.

it was a pretty busy week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the new blog

this is not my first blog posting, but is the first on blogger. i have another blog page, but it is like this big sea of alone-ness over there. i started elsewhere because i have always had this idea that blogger is hard to navigate and so far i do not have the hang of it. it looks like the picture behind the blog name is aligned to the right and there is this odd column on the left. if anyone has any pointers on this, it would be appreciated.

this pic is of the famous red velvet cupcake at doughboys on 3rd st. it is quartered so that we all got kind of an even piece. doughboys was one of the fun places we went to last week when my brother was visiting.