Thursday, March 18, 2010

baking, santee alley, doughboys & tuna fish

here is a recap of the last couple of weeks. i made chocolate chip cookies a couple of weeks ago. chocolate chip cookie pics these days are kind of played the same...overflowing-stack-with-one-a-little-off-center-so-you-are-not-sure-if-the-whole-thing-will-tumble pose. this is all i could come up with for this batch. we'll see what next time brings.
the following week i made some red velvet cupcakes. they were necessary to bribe one of my bosses.
i think this recipe is the undisputed champion for the time being, the manny pacquiao of red velvets.

last saturday, morgan and i went downtown to santee alley. i don't think either of us has been in at least a year. it's the best place to find bad bootleg dvds, horrible quality knock-off handbags, illegal red-ear slider turtles, and other oddball things.

after santee alley, we went to the new big wangs downtown. it was like 11am, so it was pretty dead in there. morgan and i didn't quite feel like drinking pabst and eating hot wings yet. i forgot to take a picture of my blt there. it was oversized and had a basil aioli.
last sunday, i met pete at doughboys. he is kind of in-town for work, anaheim-ish. i got the breakfast special, which is eggs, bacon, and almond peach pancakes with raspberry sauce.

pete got pan toast, which is cinnamon buns and croissants chopped up and soaked in an egg and vanilla custard like french toast, then made all crunchy on the griddle. also served with raspberry sauce. i didn't get a shot of his plate o'bacon because it is that thick cut kind that looks greasy and sluggish when prepared. i requested extra super crispy for mine, but you can only take the thick cut so far.

our food was yummy, but took about an hour to get. the table next to us sat down a few minutes after us, got their food, ate, and paid their bill before we got our food. i think our server forgot to put our order in, like how he forgot he had already taken out drink order. he then forgot to add the red velvet cake to the bill, so i guess we are even.
i found an old friend from the randolph commissary days on facebook today. really exciting because i hadn't had contact with him since i saw him last in vegas in 2004! whenever we were in vegas i would always wonder if he was still there and where he was working. thank goodness for social networking!
this week, we went on a factory tour of a carpet manufacturer and had lunch there. i grabbed a sandwich not knowing what it was. i took a bite and realized it was smelly tuna and could not finish it. they didn't have any trash cans in the meeting room we were in so i could only hide it in my bag until we got out of there. i wrapped it in layers of paper napkins first so i thought i was safe. getting back to the office, i took the sandwich out of my bag and discovered all of the tuna juices had soaked through the napkins and also my marine corps wallet. i got it in yuma when i went to visit justin for marine corps ball a few years back. i think i really fucked that wallet up and i am disappointed. i can't get the stink out of it. i don't know why i thought i could get away with hiding tuna fish in my purse. happy birthday, justin.

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  1. ha ha ha ha i am sure HERNANDEEEEEZnuts would eaten the tuna. . . hes a crusty of jarhead, hes eaten lotsa nasty fish in his day

    the red velvet cuppy cakes look amazing and so does the pan toast, but i am NOT down with waiting an hour.

    i went to the brazilian steakhouse the other day and i feel in love. its a bit pricey for supper and on weekends but its 18 bucks for lunch. . . i highly recommend, not sure your mom would like it even though it IS a buffet.

    good stuff keep it up and say howdy to that cowgirl for me